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1.  The main thesis of this blog is that whiteness is defined in opposition to people of color, and enacted through violence.  Know that this does not mean that every individual white person is a violent racist.  If you try to counter this thesis with examples of individual white folks being "good people," you may be missing the point.  Sharing such examples as role models or aspirational lessons is a better way to frame it.

2.  Swearing is fine, but no racist shit, obviously.  Also, no sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, ageist, or fat-phobic language.  Basically, if you're using oppressive language (as determined by me), your comment will be deleted.  If you are not sure if a term you are using is oppressive, try googling how that population generally prefers to refer to itself.  This should be as safe a space as possible for ALL folks.

3.  Additionally, please no personal attacks.  Do your best to assume best intentions (give people the benefit of the doubt).  I will try to do the same.

4.  If you are asked to drop a topic, or are told that a topic is not appropriate for this space, then DROP IT.

5. Do these rules sound draconian?  They do, a little bit, when I read them.  I think it's worth it; talking about race is really hard (at least it is for most white folks), and I truly believe having some structured rules and guidelines will facilitate conversation.  I guess this last one isn't really a rule.

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